Saturday, September 29, 2012

Framing Gustave Baumann Prints

Over the years we've had the pleasure to frame quite a few prints by master American printmaker Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). Here are three just finished:
Gustave Baumann, "Early Spring, Brown County"

Gustave Baumann, "Rio Pecos"

Gustave Baumann, "Coast Range"
The frames are stained walnut compounds.

The flats are thin to act more as mats, although they're on top of the glass, and cover the wide margins of the prints. The profiles are wide (4-1/2" + 3/16" gilt slips) but simple using 1/8" radius coves to create a simple rhythm of lines. Here's a corner detail:

The customer was very kind to let me use this image below of his hallway where he displays earlier Baumanns we've framed for him.
(Ted Ellison photo)
Some other Baumanns we've framed are in the Portfolio section of the website, here.

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