Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The All New Holton Studio Website is LAUNCHED!!!


This'll be the last post here on Blogger. From now on you'll find my blog on my BIG, BEAUTIFUL AND MUCH IMPROVED new website!!!

Three and a half years ago I started tinkering with WordPress to see if I could build myself an online catalog. A year or so later, Matt Jalbert, to whom I'll forever be grateful for dragging Holton Studio into the digital age with the website we launched in 2010, gave up freelance web design. So I went out to find a new designer. I quickly landed on Computer Courage in Berkeley, which had going for it—in addition to clear business integrity—the fact that they build sites using WordPress, and could therefore simply integrate the catalog I'd been building into a new site. Of course, the possibilities of an entire site built such that I could manage all the content myself were intoxicating, and hence the over-long process of getting this thing up and running.

But it's finally done and ready for prime time, and so here you go—years in the making, the all new and improved HoltonFrames.com!!!

What are the highlights?
So—we're turning over a new leaf. Come check it out!